Job confidence is about knowing the options.

Let us guide you through the Czech IT job market

With 30+ years of combined experience in the Czech IT recruitment, we not only know the field really well.

We understand the job market trends and perspectives. Those we helped to kick-start a career years ago now use our services to hire developers for their own companies.

We speak technology, follow trends and strive to understand every technical detail that is important to you. And yes, we know that Kotlin and Java are not just islands.

Our story

See the person beyond a resume

What is more important than a list of keywords in a CV?

Soft skills, personal goals, a specific mindset. We help you find someone who will make an impact and grow from a junior developer to the CTO.

How we find the best matches

How we find the best matches

Personal relationships.

We treasure trust and transparent communications with clients. Let's talk first and see how we can help.

Quality over speed.

If we can't offer what you need now, we'll keep looking until all sides are happy.

Help with the first impression.

And with the second. We can help you get prepared for a sophisticated hiring process. There should be no surprises with resume, cover letter, or technical interview peculiarities.

Negotiating conditions.

Sometimes it's a small thing that gets in the way. We can talk to the decision-makers and help sort it out.

Know the company beyond a job posting

We will never send you
an opportunity of a lifetime in a dynamic and innovative product team”.

We will talk about specifics. Want to walk barefoot in the office? We won't send you to work for a bank. Prefer a stable work environment? We'll get you a position in an established company rather than a startup. Relocation for your family? We'll have it covered - or explain the alternatives.

Our services

Our services

Explain the actual job market situation

Advice on possible career advancement

Save you disappointment and stress dealing with a wrong hire

Save your time looking for the right job

Negotiate the conditions

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