Every cool company starts with a brilliant idea

Our company emerged from an understanding that the traditional recruitment business lacks transparency and friendliness of genuine human relationships.

All three founders worked as solo-consultants and often as competitors, before discovering that they share the same values. And these values are better suited for a boutique agency rather than a corporate environment.

We are here to build open, friendly and life-long relationships with the clients, whoever they are - tech managers hiring new talents or software developers looking for a career change. 

We fancy ourselves as your default recruitment partners. When you start looking for a job or want to expand your team, you ask your friends first, right? Try us.


I’ve been working in IT recruitment for over 10 years. Back then many things were just different. We communicated with candidates via office landlines phones, programmers wore ties for interviews and a single web developer covered the whole app development in the LAMP stack, no help from DevOps, UX, UI experts :-) Besides offering JavaScript jobs to Java developers... not :-), among my hobbies also belong cooking, playing floorball for elite team “IBK Kubansky Klan B”, hanging out with my crazy friends and occasionally fighting with weight loss.


I came to IT recruitment back in 2008. Got a few gray hairs since then, experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly of the industry. Meditation, punching a heavy bag, and a glass of red help to keep a sane mind and a sense of humor. Especially a glass of red ;) I speak 4 non-programming languages but I can still find a common tongue with the software development people. Especially if we discuss the current IT job market, career aspirations, and what an 'interesting project' really is.


I've been in love with computers and technology since I remember myself. For about 10 years I played computer games professionally, participated in international tournaments, like ESWC and WCG. I even was the captain of the Czech national Counter-Strike team. Team-playing, strategy, and good communication are not buzzwords for me. And neither are hard work, attention to detail, and stress endurance. As an IT recruiter, I will use the same skills to help you build your dream team and to succeed in your next big game.