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Senior Java Developer ( contract or FTE) - green field

The whole enterprise is backed up by some serious capital which removes any worries or uncertainty about the future and stability of the project. So you get the best of both worlds - excitement of a tech start up environment with the financial backing of a stable reputable organization.

But enough of the sales pitches and let's get to what matters more:

The chosen tech stack is Core Java / Kotlin (yes it can be used beyond Android :)) on the back-end and Angular 8 on the front end, the platform will be designed in a micro-services architecture, automated CI / CD and all the best practices and tooling that make up modern sw engineering.

We are primarily looking for a skilled sw engineer primarily with good design skills, ideally some experience with multithreading, Core Java and JVM, data structures and algorithms, not just a user of Java EE. Experience with Kotlin is great to have, but not required. You could also come from a different programming language background, if you are a good sw engineer and willing to learn and work with our tech stack we are happy to consider you too.

Other key points that usually interest candidates:

Home office - if the developer is great and delivers then we don't care too much if he/she is working in our cool modern designer offices or from home :-) There is no fixed number of days you must be in the office, it is more an ad hoc principle. If there is an important team or design meeting it would be preferred for you to come in and then go back home to code away from home :)

Start date - ideally sooner than later:) But it can wait for a month or two for that great candidate.

This is already a long advert, but if it managed to grab your attention and interest please do get in touch to get even more details and get your questions answered -  alex@sourcein.cz.


We are looking for a Senior Java Backend Developer to take one of the leading roles in a green field product development. The product itself is an automated algorithmic trading system for different commodities. The core 'foundation' team consists of top-class Fintech experts, quant and market analysts who will use their accumulated know-how to create a state-of-the-art platform. It's an ambitious and exciting technical and business start-up project - no legacy code, no mundane maintenance and outdated technologies, just pure engineering joy of creating a well-designed piece of software in direct communication and cooperation with end users. You will have real say in what and how is developed, not just follow orders from abroad, so real tech ownership and responsibility that comes with it.

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